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Spirit Koi

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~*Hey everyone!*~
My name is Spirit Koi and I’m representing a clan called “S0UL REAPER”.
(the o is a zero and the name is in all caps)
is an old clan that dates back around early 2014. Originally the clan themed after the anime “Bleach” and during the following years it grew into an active empire.
Then as time progressed and the game’s atmosphere fell in peace, S0UL REAPER became inactive and most members went their separate ways. After about a few years have passed my friend, who owns the clan decided to reactive it in the beginning of fall of 2018. Since then we have been recruiting and trying are best to grab active members for the future of our empire.
Right now I’ve updated the clan’s Ranking Systems/Law & Punishments/General Systems, but we now have a lot of open positions like: F2p/P2p Event Hosts/Activities Leader, & Military/Military Sessions Scheduler, and more positions as well.

What we do in the clan
currently is general events, minigames, clan dungeoneering, citadel, and recruiting. Right now we need A LOT of help and new members to help with keeping up activity in the clan itself and in our discord. We also need help with citadel/management and a lot of other issues. In order to progress more we need YOUR help.

***In our clan you can expect a family that will help you on your travels/adventures. We are more than just a regular clan. Help us and let us help you in return, thank you.***

***Contact the clan to join

Discord Name/Link
: “Reaper Core”

(On Game: guest chat is on/name of clan)

(Members of clan to contact for questions/positions)
Contact Names#

Death Pirate#5747

(Rsn: Spirit Koi)

Kill Monger#1843

{Clan Owner}
(Rsn: Kill Monger)
Spirit Koi

13-Feb-2019 05:31:11

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Duplicate thread closed.

Your clan owner has posted a thread in the Recruitment – Under 100 Combat Forum, which is the better place. The Clan Home Forum is not used for recruiting threads. It is for discussion or planning threads, should a clan feel the need to have one separate from their recruitment thread or the private clan forums attached to their RS Clan Page.

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