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me 4win

me 4win

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as a gay male i surely hope this is not typical of ranks saying if u do certain things it makes you gay...i stated i am gay and was told to pretty much get over it...i did screen shot the rank if u need proof of this ...this fc was fun to be in but now ;(

17-Feb-2019 22:46:27



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Hi Me 4,
I'm really sorry to hear you had an upsetting experience in FC. We have an all inclusive policy in FC, and strive to make it a place where all people can feel comfortable and at home, regardless of any rl differences. Mat and I have had a conversation with the person concerned, and I believe he would like to speak with you following this conversation. I hope it all works out, but rest assured, any statements, jokes or otherwise, that imply negativity about any minority groups will be strongly discouraged.
AKA: Arbr**** Vie

26-Feb-2019 22:25:01

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