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Welcome to the advertising thread for the Friends Chat:

More detailed information about the friends chat, can be found on our FC home thread here, or by searching threads for the thread title: F2PIronmanFC.

As the title suggests, this Friends Chat is aimed at RS3 Ironman/woman players (both legacy and eoc) who are free to play. Both regular Ironman and Hardcore Ironman players are welcome.

This is where you can hang out with players who play the same way as you do, sharing advice and tips, asking questions, and having a laugh together (we specialise in tree related puns – no idea why! ;) ). We are not technically a clan, so you are welcome to hang out in here at the same time as your own clan's Clan Chat, and we hope that you do! As an open FC, any type of account may visit the FC, but we do ask for game related chat to be limited to RS3, F2P Ironmode related content only.

The chat has come a long way since it first started over four years ago and is always buzzing 24/7.

We also have our own offsite forums for sharing those tips and screenies:

and a Discord voice/text channel that our regulars are welcome to use:

Help in spreading the word about our FC is always much appreciated; word of mouth is the main way players find us. We’re onto something good here, let's share it around and help other isolated f2p Ironies get in touch with each other too!

And finally, do please feel free to post on this thread to make yourself known; thread bumps are always welcomed!
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The FC Teams

The term 'rank’, is misleading since it is necessarily hierarchical and fails to represent the role of those who have agreed to take on some responsibilities in the FC.

Silver stars: FC Moderator Team (some may also be in the CA team)
Three stripes: Community Activist Team
Gold stars: FC Curators (in all three teams)

FC moderators

The sole role of an FC moderator (silver and gold stars in FC) is to help maintain an environment in the chat that is both pleasant and constructive for all. They have the ability to kick disruptive players at their discretion. In most situations a warning will be given first, usually by pm if that is possible. If the behaviour is repeated, the offender will then be kicked. In extreme situations though, FC moderators may kick without a warning.

The friends chat star symbol is not a reward in any sense. It merely indicates that a tool has been given to to a player who has displayed the necessary character traits, to enable them to help keep the chat a pleasant place to be.

All FC Moderators will have significant experience playing on an f2p iron account, but will also have silver stars on all the accounts they play on whether f2p and iron or not, in order for them to be able to help keep the FC a happy place. :)

Criteria for invitation here.
FC Mod guidelines here.

FC Moderators Team List

Click here to see a full list of players in the FC Mod team, on our home thread.
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Community Activists
(CA Team)

Responsible for enabling and encouraging FC users involvement in the community/social aspect of the FC.

The central thing about this role, as the name implies, is activity! These players are the life and soul of the FC: friendly, amiable, chatty, helpful, enthusiastic, full of ideas and motivation regarding the FC and known by all the FC regulars. They are committed to developing our FC community spirit and to making the FC a fun and exciting place to hang out.
Facilitating the CA team in their endeavours is the responsibility of the CA team Coordinator, ‘facilitation’ being the pertinent word. The CA team Co-ordinator is no more or less important than any other CA team member but is there to help things run smoothly.

Criteria for Invitation to the CA team: click here.

CA Team List:

Click here to see a full list of players in the FC Community Activist team, on our home thread.
(We will be on the lookout for possible recruits to this new team)

Smiley Face FC Symbols

These are given on a temporary basis to users of the FC for substantial service to the FC (eg organising a major event) or winning a FC organised competition.

Chat Rules

Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself, and stick to all the game rules.
No crude topics please.
Full details of our FC guidelines can be found here.
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Home world

Following a discussion in the chat, we decided to make world 29 our unofficial home world, for those who like to bump into other iron players a bit more than they would otherwise do by chance. 'Unofficial', because there is no obligation to play on that world at all. The choice is totally yours, but the option is there if you wish.

P2P accounts in the FC

Pay-to-Play players are welcome in the chat, but please avoid raising any P2P game content chat in the FC. This is to avoid confusion and non-relevant spam for the F2P players who use our Friends Chat. No problem with mentioning a milestone achievement as you get it, but nothing likely to start a P2P conversation. For further details on this policy, click here.

Please refer to Apazos' helpful posts here and here, and the post on our FC home thread here for further explanation of our policy of non-exclusion.

Non-Iron accounts in the FC

The main or alternative non-iron accounts of FC regulars are also welcome to hang out in the chat, or any regular accounts who are just looking into the possibility of starting an Iron account and would like some information/advice on that. FC mods will be ranked on all their accounts, iron or non-iron, F2P or P2P, to enable them to monitor the chat and keep it a happy place! :)
Click here on our FC home thread for further details.
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Useful info for F2P Iron players

An excellent thread by Kawaiiron here (click me) answering FAQs relating to F2P ironman style of play.

On our offsite forums, you can also find a link to an excellent Reddit guide for f2p irons, made by Frostin, a link to a highscores site that can filter to compare the stats of f2p ironman accounts, and various useful information posted by our regulars in our own tips and guides forum.
Our offsite forums aren't difficult to find. ;)
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Our current and previous events can be found on our FC home thread, here.

We have had several successful events and gatherings of our friends chat regulars in the past, both organised in advance and on the spur of the moment. While we have a team of ‘Community Activists’, who are responsible for promoting the social/community side of things in FC, any offers of hosting or ideas for events/activities from our FC regulars are always much welcomed.

Any regulars who would like to organise an event or a gathering for any reason, please give a shout out on our FC home thread, our offsite forums, or in game.
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Other Ironman Chats

If you know of any active Friends Chats covering RS3 P2P Iron accounts, or Oldschool Iron accounts, please do feel free to post them here, and I will give them coverage on the thread.

I have not found any general Friends Chats for P2P Iron accounts that are active, but there is now a clan chat set up that is affiliated to f2pironmanfc. It is intended for those P2P iron accounts who wish to remain active in f2pironmanfc to guest in at the same time and chat about their P2P content there! Thanks to Sarthari and HC autumn, two P2P regulars of f2pironmanfc for running that. That clan chat is not operating as a clan as such, in function it is more of a simultaneous chat facility, since we can only be in one friends chat at the same time.
The affiliated clan chat is called: '
'. (Yes, despite the name it is a cc not a fc.)


A Friends Chat mainly occupied by Old School Iron players. Though very active, it appears not to be maintained by the account owner, so no ranks etc.

P2P (or mixed P2P/F2P) Ironman Clan Chats (for guesting in or joining)

Iron Elites (has total level reqs)
Iron Gods (has total level reqs)
Iron Core (has total level reqs)
Men of Iron
Iron Coffin (hardcore only)
Feonix (has total level reqs)

F2P Ironman clans

F2p Ironman (has total level reqs)

Old School RS Ironman clans (using the same system as RS3 friends chats)

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Recent Events This Year

July 2017

Hide and seek
Host: Florisvbelle & Elderberries clan.

July 2017

Runecrafting xp competition
Host: Frostin and 'F2P Ironman' clan

June 2017

Mining xp competition
Host: Frostin and 'F2P Ironman' clan

May 2017

Trivia quiz
Host: Mat Mase

April 2017

Duelling contest
Organiser: Divine Diana

March 2017

RuneScape themed poetry event here
Organiser: Uranus TP

January 2017

2nd Year anniversary events here.
Organisers: Mat Mase, Radisgaacht, Kaiser Zose, Treemaid.

Previous Years' Archived Events

Click here.
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