Can you ask for social medias?

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I was wondering, if you meet an individual in game and you wanna keep up on game scheduling such as when to get on/voice chat as you play, etc. Are you allowed to ask for their media's such as Discord?

I know it's a silly question, though I know in the Stronghold of Player Safety some of the little goblins in there represent players banned for doing things of a similar extent. So i'm worried i'll get reported & banned for asking "hey what's your discord?" or something, I figured it'd be good to ask so I can be safe rather than sorry. Thanks to anyone who answers!

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That Stronghold hasn't been updated in like a decade lol - don't follow most of the things mentioned there.

As for asking for social media, then yes, you are allowed to so long as you're not asking for personal things like full name, address, country, birth date, etc

You could also benefit from Email & Social Media Safety.
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