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Hi Loveless XVI

King Tumeken said:
Are we allowed to have one or more of the same post, in different forums, if we do it appropriately ?

As a general rule, we should not be seeing duplicate threads regardless of where they are posted. If you feel that there is more than one forum in which you can post your thread in, you may choose one that best fits. I can see that the thread is one example. In the end I've moved this to Clan Central since there is some focus on clan threads.

In the case of clans, you are allowed to have one discussion thread in Clan Home (used for clan discussion only, e.g. clan information, updates) and one recruitment thread within one of the few recruitment forums depending on clan requirements (used for recruitment only). That means two threads with similar content, but different purposes.

Hope this answers your questions though. I'm not in the best state atm.

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