Clan flag issue

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So, recently i made a new clan named The ironics - and i set the clan colours
now i checked the clan page but the clan flag is not updating it's colours nor
is it showing up anywhere.

Any idea what this might be?

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23-Mar-2018 16:27:58

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There is currently a bug on Clan Pages where the banner does not display on the Clan Info tab. Clan Pages are very buggy and outdated as they are, but hopefully, this will be looked in to and fixed soon.

It appears as it should on other tabs for me:
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23-Mar-2018 21:42:24

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Wont update on RuneClan either which is something a lot of clan leaders and members even use to track their Xp gain and their Clan, friends.. etc. Please fix this. It's something minor but its not a fault on RuneClan's side as they receive all their data from here.
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14-May-2018 17:04:28

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