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Hi Menap12,

If your rank doesn't have permission to recruit players to your clan, as a Deputy Owner, you would need to have your Clan Owner give your rank this permission as you cannot edit Clan Settings for your own rank. However, you are able to assign this permission to every rank below you, so anyone ranked Recruit through Overseer is able to recruit new members to your clan. Which ranks get the permission enabled would be up to you.

After taking a look at your Clan Page, I can see that there are a lot of inactive members, including your Clan Owner. If your Clan Owner has been inactive in excess of one year, your clan is eligible for a transfer of ownership by a Jmod. If this is something that interests you, I recommend taking a look at this thread: Inactive Clan Leaders

On that thread, you can apply to take over the Clan Owner's rank in your clan. Just fill out the form provided in the first post and wait for a response. Typically, it gets checked on a monthly basis, but it's currently overdue for an update, which means one may be coming soon.

Hope this helps :)
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