How do clan avas gather?

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Our clan just ticked. I entered the citadel and found that I was the only visitor so far this week. I went to the town square and told the avas to gather charcoal. I waited around a bit, clicking now and then on this or that to avoid Jagex'es stupid time out. No charcoal was gathered. I waited much longer that it took for the gathering cycles before the re-work.

I thought maybe it is tied to my own gathering, perhaps I need to gather something else myself for the avas to do their work. So I went and spent some time gathering precious ores. Still no charcoal.

OK, so maybe I made a mistake and didn't really click on what I thought I did. I went back to the town square and again very deliberately set the avas to gather charcoal. We needed (plain) ore too so I went to gather some of that. Spent a bit of time and still our clans' charcoal was ZERO.

So OBVIOUSLY I'm missing something here about how clan avatars work since the avatar re-work. I would appreciate it if someone would explain to me exactly what I need to do to prove to myself beyond any shadow of a doubt that the new clan rework avatars are anything other than a total joke. Truly I'm feeling like 'lie' might be the better word.

I'm going to save the quick find on this post and I hope it directs me back to this post and not some other gushingly positive post about what I was pointing out problems with as happened to my last post in RS community forums. Apparently someone at Jagex found that post to be too embarrassing to be allowed to persist.

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Clan Avatars' gathering mechanic is the same as it was before the rework in July, aside from having the options moved from the Avatars themselves to the Control Stone. You need to have an Avatar summoned as a Pet from your Pet Interface while inside your Citadel in order for it to gather resources. The more Avatars your clan has actively summoned at once in the Citadel, the faster the gathering rate is.

Hope this answers your question.

EDIT: I believe I found the thread you were referencing, so to answer this question you asked on another thread:
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Oh, and while you're explaining yourself, which I doubt you ever will, maybe you can tell me how I can cap right next to another clan member on the same plot while getting 0 benefit from capping together?

This message is broken and will be removed in a future update. The boost does work; however, the Citadel's message incorrectly remains at 0. This boost has existed since the creation of Citadels in 2011 and has not changed in how it functions.

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