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InkEscape said:
So this week i had to dismiss a ranked member of the clan due to violating the privacy rules,
he was recording the clanchat whenever he was online for 'documentation' purposes and people left the clan because of him violating their privacy. so not very much later he suggested our cc to create comission staking service for the members and i rejected the idea because it was a bannable offence and it doesnt make sense anyways.

so i had a talk with him and we dismissed him from the rank and the clan due obvious reasons and now he keeps creating new ironman accounts to join the clan and he is bullying the clan members to a point that they want to leave because this sad person is calling them names..

my main issue with this is that i lead a All level P2P ironman clan and we have tons of guests coming in every day about 10-20 guests and i simply cannot close off the clan for guests and this way he slipped in 2 accounts because he plays the other members and they invite him back and whenever that happens he causes havoc once again. this is a serious issue and i have a hard time dealing with this kind of cyber bully because it is very hard to spot another alt account of him since he has alot of them. so i have no idea how to deal with it now and i do not want our clan to be shed to pieces because of some childish behaviour :S

Edit: He is now pming all members and wants to over rule the clan and players are about to leave in masses.

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The above is the opening post, minus the names of the players involved. Keeping the names in the post would be considered making an accusation towards another, and that isn't permitted on the forums.

If this player is breaking in-game rules by joining your clan on alts, then this is something best reported ingame through the report abuse system, so Jagex can look into it.

08-May-2018 03:34:58



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Otherwise, you'd need to use the tools available to clans to deal with this kind of thing. You could add accounts to the banlist if you have room on it (though that wouldn't stop the creating of new accounts). You could also allow guests to continue to join the chat, but remove their ability to speak for a bit, allowing guests to still listen to the chat in the cc; a bit of a compromise from removing access to guests altogether.

You could also remind your ranked clanmates that those who join as guests are not necessarily members of your group. If a guest is who is bullying other members of your clan, you can remind your members that they should add these names to their ignore list and not allow them to ruin their gameplay.

08-May-2018 03:39:08

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