Double Click Seren Spirits?

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A Time Thief
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A Time Thief

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Greetings fellow players!

Has anyone else besides me been having issues with Seren Spirits? For most areas we only have to click on them once to receive our gift. In some others I'll find myself spam clicking the thing only to miss them completely. Al-Kharid and occasionally Varrock usually. Is this a real issue with the game or just my continuous streak of bad luck?

It's almost like the same issue with Divine Locations. I have to click on one five times before my avatar moves a muscle. Ay-yi-yi.


19-Jul-2019 18:29:31

Thunder Jinx
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Thunder Jinx

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I find it's more an issue of what you're doing rather than where you are.
Like if I just clicked a hunter trap or setting one up, clicking the seren spirit will not do anything, but waiting a game tick for my character to not be busy allows me to claim my reward from them.
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19-Jul-2019 19:13:48

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