divination is useless?

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Not entirely arguing with your topic.

Yes, Divine Locations are probably one of the biggest uses for the skill, other than just hoarding/collecting energy to eventually feed Invention.

The Divination pet is one of the more aesthetically pleasing pets in game.

You don't have to just train using Wisp Colonies. Cache (even after the eventual nerf) and the Hall of Memories can help.

The Nihil familiars require cursed energy and are some of the better familiars in the game to help with DPS.

Signs of life are good in a pinch.

Don't completely ignore transmutation.
For those times you need 1 gem or log for a quest, it's fine.
Also an option for converting all those left over gold/green charms into higher tier charms ... but it ain't cheap.
It's also one of the better ways to work on The Arc for making the soups for chimes. This can minimize the 3 skills you need to gather for soup to just Woodcutting (bamboo since you can't transmute anything to get bamboo), Mining (for either type of salt) and Divination. The energy can be used to turn 1 salt into another, then oil, then shiny tortle shells. Again, energy intensive but it can be done. (The other hitch is sliced 'shrooms. You can convert driftwood, but it does take a lot, thus Farming is useful, but not 100% required.)

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