Piracy is a bad economic model

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Been noticing something for quite a while now in the Wilderness. (though I am aware this is nothing new).

Piracy/pking is a poor way to make money. Especially when you consider this against the players who kill bots for the Cursed Energy drops.

Let me break this down to you:

- bots are a problem. you can't stop them. you can't stem the tide of them. and no matter how often you kill them, they'll just run back to the same spot. making a constant stream of resource gathering.

- at ~ 100 cursed energy collected, bots run to whatever bank they've been programmed to run to.

- bot killers don't need to risk much. effectively using the "1-item" method because bots are often much weaker, and they won't fight back. the only 'risk' is when you have a collection of cursed energy in your inventory, even then, bot hunters know to bank often as well.

- pkers tend to only attack bot killers because they too are "weak prey"

- the pker has no idea how long the bot killer has been there. the bot killer may have been active for hours or arrived 2 minutes prior.

- when the pker attacks the bot killer, they interrupt the money making method because the bots keep chugging along, now completely unhindered as the pker is attacking the bot killer.

- pkers often hop worlds looking for bot hunters. thus time is spent/wasted looking for a target ... yet there are often worlds with 5+ bots farming cursed energy that they leave completely alone.

24-May-2019 20:05:56



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So what am I getting at?

Pkers should instead focus on the bots and not the bot killers.

By spending time and resources attacking a player in hopes they have 1k energy drop, the pker completely misses out on even more money by taking the same amount of time to kill bots.

In addition, the pkers run the added risk of losing all their stuff, further adding to the risk that they incur, on top of wasted time (another resource that does have a legitimate cost to you.)

So to those few "pkers" of the world roaming the Wilderness, my advice to you, that to make money in the modern economy ... don't resort to piracy. Get a legitimate line of work, and kill bots. You'll make far more in the long run.

AND, you'll be hurting our true enemy of the world ... the sweatshop gold farmers of the world.

Do it for your own bank. Do it for economy. Do it to stop the real monsters of the world.

24-May-2019 20:06:08

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