Razer Naga 1-12 keybindings.

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Is it ok to use 1-12 keybindings for my spells? it's not macroing but a long time ago I got banned while using my naga, I never had macros going or anything, they eventually lifted the ban so I think it was an error on their end, some people tell me not to risk it and others say it's fine, as it states in the rules that for 1 key press there is 1 action, I just want some clarification on this matter please, I've used the naga in every mmo and it improves gameplay so much, it'd be silly to ban for using something that is not macroing...I've used it for years in SWTOR, WoW and recently, ESO with out issue. thanks for any help provided. :)

11-Jun-2019 19:57:45

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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It's allowed, but nobody knows how the bot detection systems work, so we don't know what can trigger them.

False positives can always happen, and if the previous time you were banned were only remapping spells to your mouse buttons, there's a chance of it happening again. The second ban may not be lifted so easily.
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12-Jun-2019 11:36:46

Good L_ck
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I have a naga too and I find it easiest to just remap my action bar to the numbers and then I'm not even remapping my naga itself and seems perfectly fine and allowed as far as I have seen since coming back. The very idea of remapping the naga itself makes me nervous to even try in case something I though was allowed isnt. But usually if I'm just using the buttons for 1 to 9 and a few letter keys it is universally allowed in the games I've played.

It also helps that as I've only returned last month after coming and going since before EoC that I like abilities but prefer full revo and just set my bars for different combat styles then set key abilities and switches on my 5 or 6 cant remember and just change whatever is bound to each number key as needed for different bosses or tasks like tormented demons.

18-Jun-2019 00:30:25

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