What are you salty about?

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Salty about

The Gower brothers sold the company!
They were the OG innovators of Runescape! (If they never sold out. I believe this game would be even better!

Very few of my friends still play Runescape
. (It's the best game in the world)

The Evolution of Combat was introduced.
(Even a major broken factor. The game is still the
best. Still salty though!)

I didn't move completely over to Old School when it was released.

That Rs3 still isn't on iOS mobile

That the companion app got removed.
(I kept up with the friends I have left in game with it.
basically a feed of texting when I wasn't at my computer)

That we can't dm players while they are offline

That Jagex hasn't figured out how to get the younger generation to come to Runescape.
(How can I/we help?)

Most of us are adults here and can't share web links on the forums
. (Having some type of filter for sites would obviously be a good idea)

The forums are dead compared to what they use to be

Not Salty about

How great the Runescape team has done over the past near 2 decades.
(The amount of online games up and running for this long are very slim)

A great childhood, teenage, and adult years of having the best game in the world to play

A player run market with the Grand Exchange. (This is something that most games do not have. If there are any other like it Please share)

How Jagex keeps surprising things basically every week.
(Even if we don't like them at first or at all)

22-Sep-2019 03:03:28

Roddy Piper
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Roddy Piper

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I'm working on that dinosaur tooth salt. But before that the outrageous requirements for completing menaphos. I think we didn't complain enough about that one. Need to step up our game.

22-Sep-2019 03:47:42

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I feel a bit salty about developers obsession of dragging existing skills to 120 when there is already a virtual level catering for those who enjoy it in their own rights.

1) Unhealthy element of grinding and addiction comes to my mind.
2) Is an uneven "starting" field unlike new skills.

07-Oct-2019 02:51:41

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