My new Tattoo

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Dong U Dead said:
Stat Phantom said:
Dong U Dead said:
Nice tattoo - did you design the tattoo yourself or find it on the internet??

Designed myself with the help from the tattoo artist (my idea, their drawing)

I like it, nice design - well done :)


21-Aug-2019 23:58:32

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I once told my daughter i got a mouse tattoo cause she bugged me all
the time to get one.

She rushed over and I had her look at it , right below my belly button.

She looked at me with a question on her face... Mom I cant find it?

I looked down and said.. OMG my P***Y must have ate it.

she was so mad that she drove all way to my house for a joke haha.

Nice tattoo ...I love RS themed Tattoos

Im too scared to get one. And too old and .. well i can continue with many
reasons why but all boils down to im chicken!!
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