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Hello, I would just like to address the botting issue in edgville, chopping yew trees. I typically like to train here to make some gp and it's one of the better spots for woodcutting experience. But it's starting to become a hassle with the amount of bots in most of the worlds at this location especially in the higher 400's and lower 500's on free to play worlds Used to just be 2-3 bots now it's around 5-6 on some worlds and most of the time, throughout the day. And you can tell they're bots looking at stats it's usually 1 everything and 60+ woodcutting that's all. Usually on most of the day. Talia21

18-Aug-2019 19:03:01

CM Nick

CM Nick

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There's not really anything that can be done by posting on the forums about this, sadly.

The best thing you can do is report all of the bots you see, and encourage friends to do the same!
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18-Aug-2019 19:12:07

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