Is it time for a change?

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Quit the forums a while back but felt it necessary to make this post and maybe get some decent conversation going without flaming or trolling.

Runescape is seemingly drifting at the moment, there’s been some good updates sure but then there’s also been plenty of updates that players didn’t care about and even updates that just down right pissed off players.

So is it time for a change? Or should Runescape continue as it is?

Personally I feel a change in direction is needed:
• Stop the big updates like Anachronia / Menaphos, and focus on little wins that’ll make the player base happy.
• Have better communication regarding updates ( maybe a roadmap )
• Have a clear plan to follow, instead of starting and scrapping projects.

So thoughts, what do you guys think?

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It was meant to be though.:P
Plus it took up a lot of Dev time.

@333333333, your happy with the current expansion model? What would you like to see next year for a location? Wouldn’t you like to see better communication from devs?

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Made a quick 'Roadmap' mock-up, because I'm sad and have nothing better to do for lack of better judgement, I actually care about this game and want it to do well. :P

Keep in mind the things listed are just examples, and the point is to highlight how some communication would go a long way to improve player perception.

Instead of "Wow 3rd patch week in a row gg Jagex" you'd have "ok so this weeks just patches but at least I can look forward to next week"

Planning ahead in this way would also help to balance the content, so you'd roughly have;-
- 13 Patch weeks
- 8 Quest weeks
- 16 Skill weeks ( Includes slayer + combat updates / new bosses )
- 15 Weeks for other updates ( Events etc )
- Mtx would still be prevalent throughout (sorry)

I dunno, just think it'd benefit everyone to have smaller but more consistant and varied updates.

Anyway I'll leave it at that, if Jagex consider it then cool. If not, well at least I tried.:P

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Indeed its time for a change.
We should stop the most xp/ money and be the best minds set.

Nearly no one ever just plays content because its enjoyable it has to be the best thing there is for the levels people got otherwise its atomically death.

No one play a game of checkers at Burtops now, but if you would add something like insane amount of agility xp to it would be the best place to be.

This was a example it is not pointed to a specific player/person/animal. it is not something that will happen in the future and does not bring up any conversations that happend in the past.

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It makes no difference because different players have different expectations.

There are always a few who will say your so-called "skill weeks" and "weeks for other updates" are patch weeks. Some may even say every week is a patch week because there is MTX.

Some always have ever-changing expectations. They may say they die for quests but when Jagex released 4 quests in 4 months they disappeared and their friends will emerge and say quests suck. To these players, RS3 sucks no matter what just because it is RS3.

Jagex should believe in the data they, but not the players, can only see and implement updates accordingly.

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i think the main problem that makes the game boring now (for me atleast) is that everything is so automated most things can be afk'd , doesn't matter about events and all that stuff too because it's all the same afk BS , it has killed any sense of community spirit and communication , used to be nice to chat to people even if it's random cr@p but it rarely ever happens.

the game plays its self now so WE don't have to.

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