Moments of Regret....

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Choosing to continue playing as a normal account after ironman mode was released; so much exp gained that was ultimately wasted because it's utterly meaningless now.
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25-Aug-2019 22:42:54

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Nothing at all because it is just a game, an entertainment.

One should be glad in such a game even death is painless. One can always recover.

There should be no regret. Because it's free. Nothing's worrying me.

25-Aug-2019 23:23:37

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Does this thread relate to things you regret in real life, or in game? I'd like to say I have loads from both, but to be honest, if I didn't have one bad situation, it wouldn't have lead to another good one.

For example, something 4 years ago happened to me on the forums which I can't talk about which was a very bad thing that I somewhat regret because of emotions taking over, but at the same time because it happened, I decided to peruse my university degree seriously and ended up becoming the top student at graduation, as well as being 1 of only 3 people to land an engineering job before graduating. Had that bad thing not happened, I probably wouldn't have graduated university and probably would've dropped out.

Another thing, this game as a whole and getting addicted to it. While I regret how long I've spent playing it, I would not have met some of the most amazing people in-game I've ever spoken to (shoutout to Athina, Cyprusgirl, Catherine, Laurels, Matt Senpai, Ignorant, xMiley, Snickers, Skylamon, M A R I, Michelle Rae, Ignore List, Cuishii and countless more I can't think of on the top of my head). Some of these people I've got so close to that I moved from Australia to the United Kingdom, made regular visits to hang out in real life, and even gone on holiday overseas with some for whole weekends, etc. Some of these people have had more of a positive impact on my real life than some people I used to hang out with in real life!

I could list a whole lot more, but I'm sure most people won't even make it past the first line so... ;)

I guess that I'm trying to say is we can have regrets about some things, but to be honest - one bad experience will help you learn from your mistakes, and improve to become a better individual. If you've made a mistake, there's always time to try and make amends, apologise and move on, never hold onto the past and focus on the future and how to make it positive for you and everyone in your life.
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26-Aug-2019 16:58:28

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Mine was going on the desert treasure quest and forgetting that I had 20k rune arrows equipped when I went after the ice diamond. Died in the frozen north and went well there goes 150k worth of potions. Well I can make more of those, in the mean time let's go train range some more til I gather resources to try again. Where are my arrows.... OMG i forgot they were equipped. I cried and shut off my computer. ~Tranq~
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