The Oldest Surviving Thread?

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This thread might be helpful, although last post is from more than a year ago and the author seems to have last updated in 2015.

You might get new info here you can share there. =)

(I think at one time that author was looking for someone to host the thread; not sure, hazy memory...)
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I remember seeing one from 2004 on a specialist forum that I no longer have access to. It was by far the oldest thread I had ever seen on these forums...

Edit: was called 'quote of the day' or something if I'm remembering correctly... idk since it's been so long
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Loki said:

I know which one you're thinking of! It's certainly the oldest surviving thread I've ever seen (and it possibly is the oldest outside of the archived forums unless the F-Mods have any relics in their sections)

Not sure how I feel about that igloo thread though :P

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