Bots at Lumbridge Castle W 11

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I have reason to suspect what I am witnessing right now at World 11 is that there is a huge amount of bots right now at Lumbridge Castle. They all have an exceptionally high crafting level. All repeating the same process of going up the bank, and going down to the spinning wheel, and then going back up the bank, and the cycle continues.

Hope somebody looks into it. There are too many bots to report. And besides, they all have very tedious names making it difficult to report all of them too.

03-May-2019 00:44:29

CM Brandon

CM Brandon

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Hey there Shokaku,

If the player has a name that's too difficult/tedious to type out, you can also report them by right-clicking on 'em, and select "Examine", and then using the report flag in the top-left corner of the resulting interface!

For more info on player reporting, please see this article.

Cheers, and thanks for the help in keeping the community clean from those who're trying to gain an unfair advantage/break the rules. :)
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03-May-2019 00:53:12

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Attaching screenshots won't help the situation. For one, naming and shaming players is against the Forum Rules, as you have no evidence that the individuals are committing an offence - only a suspicion. Secondly, screenshots can be easily manipulated, so they are disregarded as a source of evidence due to their validity.

Honestly, the best thing you can do is report the individuals in-game, by using the 'Examine' feature as detailed above. That will ensure your reports will be read. Posting a list on the Forums is unlikely to guarantee that.


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So what do you suppose they are spinning, flax or balls of wool? I'm guessing balls of wool since they are 1500 each now.

You can also tell because wool is rising and ball of wool is crashing from too many being made now.

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Arizona Cat
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Arizona Cat

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They are definitely bots and too many to report. Jagex needs more of your money so they can staff people to monitor this sort of behavior. Please give them more money and it will stop.

03-May-2019 04:23:50

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Your concern about botters is appreciated. However, the Forums are not the place to report bots. You should do that in game. Your in-game reports do work, just not right away. Even if there are too many to report, just reporting 3 or 4 of them at a time will help.

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The ICU team is 7 JMods strong and they work tirelessly to keep both games free of cheaters. You can help by continuing to report suspected bots to us. :)

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Report them. Your reporting helps us track them down - they won't get banned immediately as we want to investigate their game play, learn what the bot there are using is doing and where they are being used to farm stuff too and then ban all those involved. But report them - it really helps.

From the most recent Support Stats:
”Please remember - your reports are really useful, so please do flag suspected bots in game to us”

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