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Talk to Nastroth in Lumbridge, he'll reset your defence level but only once. There are some conditions that need to be met too - this is from the official wiki page:

Nastroth can also provide a skill reset on either Defence or Constitution and Prayer. Players looking to reset Constitution and Prayer must have level 5 or lower in Attack, Strength and Defence while players looking to reset Defence must have a total level of 10 or more in Attack, Strength, Magic, and Ranged. Players must not have anything equipped or in inventory to request a skill reset. Players who have not turned on RuneScape Authenticator will be given a 7 day cooldown period, which while Nastroth claims can be cancelled, does not appear to be possible. If the player cancels the dialogue, or clicked no, they have to wait another 7 days for the cooldown. Players cannot reset their stats more than once. If players do not wish to have the opportunity to use either of these skill resets, they can ask Nastroth to never offer them again; however, this is a permanent change and cannot be undone once made.
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If you submitted an Account Help ticket before the deadline (which was 22nd April), then your request is in the queue, and will be dealt with. There are lots of checks, and it is a very manual process so it is taking them a long time to work through all the tickets.

If you missed the deadline, then I'm afraid nothing can be done.
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Abolf Hotler said:
i didn't miss the deadline and I still have 3 defence

If you've already submitted a ticket, all you can do is wait for the rollback.

However, if this XP is XP that you gained simply by not understanding the update, and not actually because of the initial XP bug, it will not be rolled back, as the rollback is only for those whose accounts were affected by the bug, not accounts that just accidentally gained XP because of the change in style.

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