Bringing back RS Classic

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Jeremy Cheng
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Jeremy Cheng

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How should jagex bring back runescape classic in runescape 3? Minigame? (Repeatable) quest similar to dimension of disaster? Separate server in the rs3 lobby? RS3's version of deadman mode? Who knows? I'm still hoping rsc gets brought back with my rsc stats and items intact. They have the technology. They can rebuild him.

09-Aug-2019 21:02:51

Sep Member 2017


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As someone who actually played RSC when it was the only version of the game - no.

It'd be just as stupid an idea as bringing back RS2 which they did and look what that did to the once strong and single community this game used to have. Instead of splitting it once with two you're proposing to split it amongst three versions?

09-Aug-2019 21:44:33

Siege Fred
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Siege Fred

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I am indifferent to the idea, I don’t think it would be a great return on investment though, content would be very restricted, and magic and range combat was... unintuitive.

I would probably play it for 10 minutes for the nostalgia and never go back to it again.

09-Aug-2019 22:16:27

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I don't think Runescape Classic should have been taken down (although I get the reason for doing so), however, it is way too late to bring it back now. Whatever community that remained has now scattered, their progress gone, their items gone. Bringing it back would only get a fraction of an already very small playerbase to return. It's too late; let it rest in peace. :(

09-Aug-2019 22:19:38

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No. It is dead, Jim.

Why does Jagex want something dead in their Living Game? Nope. They don't.

Besides, isn't CLASSIC things more suitable to be put in other classic, traditional, old school, or antiquated games than in the modernized RS3?

09-Aug-2019 23:18:45

Jul Member 2019


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I don't think it would be great idea to bring Classic back. Primarily because it's costly to host the servers for Jagex, but also that RS3's or Old School's playerbase would suffer when it comes to population.

If it came back, I think most would only want to get the classic cape, then they would probably never play it again.

11-Aug-2019 06:06:01

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