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oui vaseline

oui vaseline

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Hello, I've tried to kill Chronozon a dozen time, but I just can't figure it out.
It says to kill him with "Blast Elemental Spells", but there is no "Blast" in my spells.
There is Rush, Burst, Blitz and Barrage.

I've hit him with all the elements; air, water, earth and fire. (I did damage with all),
but he just regenerates back to full health.

I've searched the internet for the Blast spells, I can't find anything that says it was removed or changed to another name.

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That sounds like you're on the Ancient Spellbook. Try changing back to the normal spellbook (using the altar in the pyramid in the desert) and you should have access to the elemental spells that you require to beat Chronozon.

29-Jul-2019 02:19:40

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