RS to Playstation or XBOX?

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I made it half way until I gave up, so to save other people from this clusterfuck of words - at least in regards to paragraphs.

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I know this is a very big debate but what do you guy's think of rs3 or OSRS coming to the new generation consoles it will probably bring in a bigger community

i have seen the latest updates on Playstation 5 for example i went to one of the meet and greet's and they said that will be coming out this winter maybe January an they said Playstation 5 was gunna have Java and Adobe Compatibility along with a 4.2ghz boost and the newest AMD graphics card and 16 gigabyte's of ram

if you guy's have been following this it's probably going to cost people like at least 1000 dollars to buy it its fully backwards compatible plus hearing some of the new news XBOX and Playstation will be working together soon enough so i'm not quite sure if its going to be the Playstation 5 or a completely new console its still in development

anyways this bring's out plenty of possibility's for Jagex to work with them on this supposed new Console an this new console should support everything i believe not sure to be honest but its mid 2019 i think the system will have two HDMI ports 4 USB Drive's Mouse an Keyboard compatibility Playstation VR compatibility its going to be compatible with up to 4k resolution hopefully jagex can manage this time and put it on such a great console that is just similar to a good setup for RS3/OSRS as well tell me what your thought's are below thanks!

The next generation consoles are going to cost a grand? Pft.. I think you're overestimating a lot in that assumption 400 - 600 at least maybe pushing 700 - 800. The whole selling point of consoles is it's a cheaper alternative to PC apart from the convenience and everything else.

Nevermind that it'll completely segregate and split the community even more, not only along RS3/OS lines but along console lines too.

25-May-2019 09:24:33



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It also doesn't take into account that Microsoft and Sony have a process that all game developers have to go through before any updates etc. can be applied to their games. Due to the fact Jagex updates and changes things weekly, maintaining this game on consoles would be a complete PITA.

25-May-2019 13:33:44

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