RS to Playstation or XBOX?

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Steelweaver said:
Renny II said:
It's been almost 2 years since RS mobile was announced and we're barely any closer to that being released. It'd take them about 30 years to make it available on console.

They can't even bother to update people so I can't imagine it'd ever happen.

I think we're worlds closer considering they're actually having betas...

And them not telling people stuff is nothing new. After they scooted off to Reddit...

I don't think they have the required talent on console, and have never seen them putting up any job ads on console people. So, the chance for Jagex's games on console any time soon (if they even consider it) is quite remote.

Besides, priorities have already been set on RS3 Mobile this year, followed by a new cloud gaming platform hopefully next year if not later part of this year immediately following the completion of RS3 Mobile. When these priorities are finally met, we will probably be in 2012.

03-Jun-2019 18:39:41

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