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When you visit the machine elves, a very useful question to ask them: why do I play this game?

On the surface you may find nostalgia.

But dig deeper into that nostalgia.

Perhaps you'll find that this game helped you cultivate self worth when at the time, events or people maybe made you feel like you were worthless.

Maybe your reasons are a little bit different.

Anyways all addictions are rooted in a trauma. Becoming conscious of this trauma is the first step towards healing.

It may be hard to face but be brave, don't let your ego get in the way.

We all have our own demons we must slay.

I believe in you guys and girls and thems!

Go out there and break free and grow and learn and swing on the never ending spiral of growth! It's so easy once you let go


edit: I'm not telling anyone to quit. Just question, deeply, why they play.

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I started playing runescape because my friends started playing it in grade 7 and I wanted to fit in but I got board of it though and put it down for a couple of years. Until a dark figure entered my life for several years. I was a confident kid with lots of friends, but they leeched it out of me, beat it out of me, yelled it out of me. They forced me to move away, in grade 9 i retreated into runescape. The dark figure left my life but they also left their mark on me. I started to feel better on the surface but i was not really okay. Year by year runescape strengthened its grip on me. It ate into school, I started to miss school. I dropped out. Eventually I spent a whole year 2012 without going outside. I completed all the content at the time and made ridiculous gains.
All so i didn't have to feel the mark they they left.

25-Aug-2019 13:13:36



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i used to play years ago not because of addiction or escape from life and so on BUT because i enjoy playing games , its that simple!

i've played wow (from early burning crusade onwards but got bored) , rs , all the battlefield series and so on and one of my faves was the metal gear series (ps4) (phantom pain especially), you play what you enjoy.

played virtually every console made , none of it interrupted my life in any way.....learn to pace yourself , you can enjoy both games and life at the same time.

back in the day i played original wow and reached 120 , returned a few months ago and as my original account was not to be found (been far too long since i've even seen anything rs related) i started rs3 and got to 117 (i think) but it doesn't interest me as much as it used too so rarely go on it , tastes change....if you have an addiction there are people to talk to about it that can help you but telling everyone to stop playing is like telling everyone to stop breathing lol it simply isn't going to happen.

25-Aug-2019 15:55:04

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