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move if not in the right place but i have fogot my pin i and i need to remove it so i went in to the support option at the top and looked for the option to remove pin it says if you have forgotten a pin or it has been set my a hijacker go to any bank and long press right on the banker then select check pin settings then delet. the removal proccess can take 3 to 7 days so i went to the bank and folowed the steps yet to access the pin setting to remove it i need to enter the pin ????? so the process it gives you for removing a pin that was either hijacked or forgotten requires you to use the pin that makes no sense so i am stuck i dunno what to do can some one please help me ???

Edit : I am a fool, I realised it said "Authenticator" meaning it required my 2 step code from my phone LOOL

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To remove the pin, you'll need to select the forgot pin and wait the 7 days for it to be removed. It can't be removed faster as the pin is there to protect your bank. The good news is you can still deposit into your bank, however you just can't remove anything for the week. ~Tranq~
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