Name change revert??????

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Nooo! Not the fandom wikia! It's abandoned after it was moved to the not-fandom Wiki, and trolls have had free play on it. I've heard stories even of trojans in there.

The not-fandom Wiki can be accessed by clicking the game guide button on top op every RuneScape page and choosing Wiki in the dropdown menu.

Never use fandom, it's not safe anymore.
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This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

22-Jan-2019 12:08:31

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Changing Your Display name (click me)...

That will take you to the article and give step by step instructions on how to go about changing your display name. Jagex won't force a name change or intentionally change it for you unless it's offensive. So if you recently changed your name to this you'll have to wait the 28 days to change it again or buy a bond and redeem it for a name change to break the time restriction early.
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