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The opening post with the search criteria removed, as that could put other accounts at risk:
iloveclouds1 said:
Apologies if this is not the right place to raise this, but in World 12, GE area, a user is manipulating people into giving away their account details promising 200mil. They are spamming "Next 50 People Gets 200M! Search on [Edited]"

The scam starts on a video which leads to a cloned website of RS which you have to login and provide bank pin. I think this is worthy of a ban-hammer is it not?

Please do report this sort of thing in-game, when you come across it.

How to report a player

Everyone needs to remember:
Do not follow links that you have been given by others to access the RuneScape site. Instead type the address yourself, or use browser bookmarks that you have set yourself.

If someone is pressuring and/or bribing you to visit any website, even a YouTube or Facebook page, it's best to report them for advertising a website and then add them to your ignore list. Those people are not really giving away gp. They are trying to steal your account details. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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