Any1 else here the old foums?

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Yes! I forgot to add "I Need a Mod!" :)

Ah, the good old days. I remember that they use to give you hints through those messages if you were going to be invited to either the P-Mod or F-Mod team. Say you sent in a query. Within the response, the specific J-Mod would somewhere add a weird message hinting at a possible invite in the future. Obviously, this only happened to those who were being checked to join either team.

And yep. Vanished hidden posts caused a lot of confusion because users didn't know where their contents went. I'm sure after the backlash, it was changed to indicate when a post was hidden. This also applied to threads and that was an even bigger issue. Losing a post wasn't as bad as panicking about where your whole thread disappeared to!

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Who remembers Forums Curator Mod Poppy, Pretty in Pink? Or her favorite quote, "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice." I still recall the name of her alt account because it's a famous character she loved ;). Her Reporting Academy subforum where users would be added to a sticky as a "Thank you" for helping others in the community, something similar to Community Helpers.

How about Mod Timbo's "Thread of the Week"? I vividly remember because one of my threads was chosen and stickied for a week. The Jagex Lite subforum where people would camp to see a J-Mod's post.

Those are only a few. I have more but 1) it's late and I work later and 2) I'm on my phone. It's so difficult to type!

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Aww.... sigh.... the good old days.

Everybody always misses the good old days, the nostalgia, the memories, the community involvement, and a welcoming place to get together and have a good discussion.

Jagex have really improved the Forums since the good ole days. The Forums are a lot more user friendly then years ago, and well organised to suit the main interests of those who use them.

It is really sad that with the improvements over the years, and more user friendly forums we have today, they are not utilised to their full potential.

I imagine much of the decline is due to social media, twitter, reddit, and the introduction of facebook, discords, player help sites, and the wiki for information, and other avenues of socialisation, and more instant response, and as a result involvement in the Forums has declined greatly in use; but the Forums still offer great community interaction and a comfortable homely, friendly respectful atmosphere unique to these forums.

The Forums are what the community make them, and with some innovative ideas, the Forums could easily return to the same popularity, if not better, than they were back then in the early days.

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Southeaster said:
I started foruming in late 2012, and I do miss those days.

2012 was the year the forums started to fall to hell, but not because of the social media... It was the extreme toxicity like this that did it in:

That arrest sent many of the 1000's of "Active Users Online" packing. They did not go to the social media as some people expected though.

Now that this kind of incidents has spread out to social media. The World Governments, especially the UK Parliament has proposed a regulatory framework that will restrict what online users can do and say:

Executive summary
1. The government wants the UK to be the safest place in the world to go online, and
the best place to start and grow a digital business. Given the prevalence of illegal and
harmful content online, and the level of public concern about online harms, not just in the
UK but worldwide, we believe that the digital economy urgently needs a new regulatory
framework to improve our citizens’ safety online. This will rebuild public confidence and
set clear expectations of companies, allowing our citizens to enjoy more safely the benefits
that online services offer

Don't expect those thousands of toxic "Active Users Online" left in 2012 will come back to the RSOF because there is not even any place for them in the social media. :)

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