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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to give you all a heads up that we've had to disable the ability to wear the new 'Risen' outfit for all players.

Currently, any players on the Java client they would immediately crash when a player had this outfit on in their client and they've be unable to log back in whatsoever if the outfit was still in view when they attempt to login.

The Risen outfit uses our new material system exceeds the model limit on Java, hence the crash.

For now we'll be taking the following steps.

- Implement a hotfix to disable the outfit being worn (note: you will still crash if they decide to try and preview the outfit in your wardrobe in the Java client)
- Remove the outfit being shown on display at Solomon's store just outside the Varrock GE.

We'd also like to do a coldfix (reboot of the game), however with the impending maintenance taking place tomorrow we're unable to confirm a day and time for this. The moment we know we'll be sure to let you know in-game ahead of time.
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08-Apr-2019 17:22:47

Magic Pengel
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Huh, I had no idea the java client was still available and viable. .
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08-Apr-2019 18:41:58

War tortoise
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Voreo said:
It's time to pull the plug on java if its now blocking you all from trying new design methods.

Don't hold yourselves back for a small percentage.


Magic Pengel said:
Huh, I had no idea the java client was still available and viable.

avaible yes, not viable. IS TRASH AND NEEDS TO GTFO.

I have this outfit and im abit annoyed.
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