Bring high alch prices back up

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The best smithing xp rates come from making elder rune burial armor sets (requiring a +5 helm, platebody, platelegs, gauntlets, and boots), which acts as a sink for smithing products.

I'd wait until after the upcoming double xp weekend eats up the oversupply from the initial hype of the rework before demanding an alch value increase. Ideally, the maximally upgraded ingredients for each metal tier's burial armour should increase in value due to their use in training the skill (with the effect on the price being proportional to its proximity to elder rune in levels) and maintain some of this value after the weekend as the initial rush of people making them during release have since moved on to other activities (and more people are becoming aware of the xp rates of burial armor).

22-Jan-2019 00:55:40

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