Bring high alch prices back up

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That runite (and to a lesser extent also adamant) was artifically overbloated in its value is part of the problem pvm has right now: They bumped the junk practically on everything that should have some value. The salvage is a grandious replacement for existing finished items, but spirits are not for two reasons (a third one with the ridiciously low trade limit was already fixed):

They replaced both bars and ores with spirits, despite the former being worth more than the latter - and well since everything higher levelled dropped runite in some way basically everything higher levelled has underlevelled stuff, which no longer is artifically overbloated on their loot tables. That what should be replacements for bars should either be salvage or a bigger number of spirits - and spirits in general should be fair levelwise to the source they're dropped from.

No support to artificially overbloat smithed items again. Okay - there would be one single exception: Masterwork. I am almost certain it won't ever be bumped on any loot table, so it shouldn't cause trouble if finally something better is introduced.

As for the spring cleaner: How should it know what you actually want to have alched or disassembled? Take the two minutes and configure it for once.
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