M&S update affects Invention?

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So I decided I needed to make more springs for my spring cleaner so I checked and needed subtle parts. I used to mass produce scimitars to deconstruct and they took little time to make before the update. Now it is a grind to even make 1 so my question is has this affected any of the deconstruction loot tables or are we going to have to find other, non-smithing items to deconstruct for mass production?

07-Jan-2019 22:40:30

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I use to do the same but do not try and buy scimitars, I think what you need now is normal swords and white knights shop might be your best bet. Double check my info because it might have changed since the beta. Normal shop prices are way to high now and they give more junk. A lot of the parts you now get from different items has been reworked.

08-Jan-2019 14:31:44

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Kattemynte said:
Forgot about npc shops. Still feels like it is going to affect invention and probably spring prices.

It's really not. You can break down salvage for free without using a spring. Springs are used to high alch salvage.

Buy salvage for whatever it is you need. Or go out and kill stuff for it, until prices settle.

09-Jan-2019 12:26:08

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