Buff the Mining Scrimshaw

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The new Rock-Crushing scrimshaw...

Gives a +2% chance to critically strike against rocks

I don't know what to say. This scrimshaw has turned disgustingly bad. Over the past day I've been actively testing this scrimshaw out, making calculations, with shocking results;

This scrimshaw, when utilizing no other buffs, mining with a ER+5/E&S pickaxe, on either Dark or Light animica ore... lets you mine 4 extra ores per 3 HOURS! 2 if you do so AFK.

How did this slip through the cracks of Q&A testing?! This scrimshaw's buff is disgustingly weak, it makes hardly no difference at all, and it's even worse than its aura counterpart (which gives +5%).

Jagex, buff this thing. As well with the Aura's. A minor increase to critical strike chance makes hardly of an excuseable difference, even if being accumulated with other buffs. And 2%, on a SCRIMSHAW, is just laughable.

08-Jan-2019 02:24:23

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