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Zparanoid said:
Melee tank sets were generally useless prior to the M&S update, and remain so. So in that aspect their utility hasn't changed.

That's not the fault of the M&S update, but rather insufficient variety in combat situations, making it preferable to use DPS armor rather than tank armor when meleeing.

I would go as far as to say that it isn't a problem of a lack of variety in combat situations. There's plenty out there!

The problem arises that "tank" gear is used as a baseline.
I'll make this short!

"Tank" gear is used to classify anything that isn't Power or Hybrid while giving it less than useful "perks".

That being, Tank gear has stats matching its level and a 1.2% damage reduction in PvM.
1.2%, as we all know, is nothing.

Meanwhile, Power armour (assuming the level of the armour and your weapon are the same!) gives a whopping 13% increase to weapon damage in return for -10 effective levels to your armour stat.

IMO, Jagex should reclass things like basic metal gear to "All" (instead of being a secondary word for Hybrid armour) and make it the baseline giving no LP bonuses, damage reductions or things of that sort, assign "Tank" to select tanking armour sets and buff the basic damage reduction to a viable point (making it actual Tank armour) with allowing higher level sets to considerably increase LP bonuses, and keep Hybrid and Power where they are.
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