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Daibhi said:
Lord AARP said:
Why is the Reaper Crew content being removed from Comp but all the music tracks still remain as a requirement? Same with outdated content like Castle Wars and Void battle music?

I took this from the news post regarding the comp changes:

"Additionally, the music tracks that are locked behind boss encounters
will now unlock upon starting the fight
. Enjoy the tunes!"

It's at the very end of the section regarding reaper, seems you just need to start the fight and you get all music tracks associated with the respective boss - thus avoiding needing to do reaper by association.

I think the minigame music is more of an issue. For example, the music track from Trouble Brewing requires at least 6 players to begin a game (everyone knows how dead minigames are), which is by definition, "forced group" interactions. Isn't that one reason why the "Reaper Crew" requirement was taken off the Comp Cape, because it was "extremely challenging to complete due to their difficulty and their forced group interactions"?

Getting the music tracks from the elite dungeon bosses is not too bad, as it can be done solo in the much easier story mode.
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