Stone Spirits smith not mining

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Wonderer said:
I think this is a brilliant fix, I would say the spirits affect both mining and smithing of their given type. More uses for despised items gives them more value.

I agree. Stone spirits are a problem in their current form, no matter what Mod Jack says. 100% double ore is what makes ores more worthless, and is compounded by how AFK mining is with some players running 10+ alts at once.

High level stone spirits (i.e. light animica) are severely lacking in supply, therefore no one ever uses them. The stone spirits being dropped from mid/high level bossing is severely disproportionate, with bosses dropping low level T30-T50 stone spirits instead of a more appropriate T80/T90 stone spirits.

I would prefer if stone spirits were removed from PVM and moved over to the skilling Seren Spirits though. I mean, there are already 3 different tables possible (Gem table, Rare Table and Super Rare Table) from the Rare Drop Table, so it's not that difficult to incorporate low, mid and high level stone spirits. That's how it should've been at the beginning, considering the majority of players are skillers according to Mod Jack...
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