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Red Orchid
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Red Orchid

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I am not sure where to put this, never had this issue before today. Every time I go to google and type Runescape, all take me to a Spanish homepage that say's it is not secure. I have only gained access here to post this by going thru a past forum post. I did not even attempt to log in on the Spanish runescape homepage site. I just wanted to post this so players beware. I would like to know what changed from yesterday and how can I access the original site homepage other that going thru a old forum post that was not even my post?
Even now, right here on this site. When I click the New's tab, it to is not English. And when I attempt to go to my account, which requires u to log in, it to is not in English. What is going on?

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Hi Red Orchid,

Scroll all the way down the web page; near the bottom-right, you should see a small (Brazilian, I'm guessing) flag. Select the flag of the UK to get back to English. That should do the trick...

(Mine's switched a couple of times in the last few years. No idea what causes it.)

Hope this helps - have fun!


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