Wishing well bush removed

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From the (now updated) patch notes:

Due to the way in which the mechanics of the Wishing Well worked, it rapidly devalued the materials in which it was producing which had a negative feedback loop on the price of the items. The more items you got from the fruit, the cheaper they become which meant that you would get more of them. This was unsustainable and caused economy issues like being able to sell items from the fruit for more than the value assigned from the fruit. The market was flooded with those items and it caused a lot of critical design and balancing issues. Removing the Wishing Well seeds, which only held a value of 1gp, and the crop itself was the best solution to this - we may revisit mechanics like this in the future but that isn't a promise.

Planted wishing well bushes have been removed and XP awarded for any fully grown unchecked ones. Seeds have been removed and players have been reimbursed at a rate of 1gp per seed, while reimbursements for fruits matches the value put in.


08-Apr-2019 12:03:40

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