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G-ma Pam
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G-ma Pam

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would be nice if the little guy pops out of the rock, instead of giving you the reward, says meet me in (next area it would drop) I would be mining it like crazy for it to leave me high and dry and don't have a clue where it was going to land because I thought there was a good chance I alone could finish this one before time was up.

13-Jan-2019 19:13:00

Neutro Gina
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Neutro Gina

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Oh Shauny - what have you guys done to Shooting Stars. It's just taken me over 30 mins to mine the last level with one other miner. This makes the D&D way too long to bother with and if you don't reconsider the design, this will become more dead content.
This is a pity because the Mining and Smithing rework has been so well done.
Thanks for the great rework but PLEASE have a look at my beloved shooting stars.

14-Jan-2019 21:43:03

BC Astro
Dec Member 2018

BC Astro

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Thanks for bringing them back in timely manner. I would like to make it known that with the expanded footprint of the artisans workshop, it somewhat consumes a portion of the crashed star when it lands at this location. A corner of the star is "inside" one of the external pillars. Perhaps moving it out a couple of feet? Not a big deal either way.

15-Jan-2019 04:58:02

Dec Gold Premier Club Member 2017


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Just wanted to congratulate you guys with the mining and smithing rework which is absoluely amazing !!!!! <3

hope other skills get updates like this one like crafting, and fletching !!

good luck !

19-Jan-2019 11:15:25



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I saw a shooting star land today. It was prospected as level 1 but it definitely wasn't level 1, at least by the old reckoning.

Maybe stars just take longer to mine now.

19-Jan-2019 11:53:47 - Last edited on 19-Jan-2019 12:00:09 by Yrubdarb

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