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Haven't logged in yet, but my guess would be: we were able to skip the beams on release, resulting that we could do literally 40 sec faster kills.

Now that it got patched, that means that the early bird bonus is not available to others anymore & thus it got removed. So everyone begins with a new time, which is only fair.
Hello Moto

04-Mar-2019 14:16:07

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It was reset as some players found loopholes and abused them. now it's been reset so those that abused it can stfu and stop quick chatting their times. Jagex - Given up trying to win any decent
since 2010.

Please remove the over the top notifications for mimic tokens, its a 10k item no-one wants, it doesn't need a message and loot beam.

04-Mar-2019 19:22:40

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