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I can't seem to figure out how to begin multiple projects, which we are supposed to be able to do with the new update. I still can only initiate only 1 masterwork plate. Any idea?

10-Jun-2019 11:25:09

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Masterwork is supposed to take a ridiculously long time, so they don't want it to be too "easy" to make, as that would theoretically diminish the value of the armor.

The goal of this update was to reduce the amount of ore in-game while preserving the time it takes to make masterwork armor. Between the alloy armor spikes requiring only concentrated alloy bars and the spiked armor only requiring a single glorious bar each, that satisfies Jagex's priority. They're not going to make Masterwork easier to make, at least not in this update.

More likely, they added the ability to smith multiple items at a time so that people could make burial sets faster, which should help more players get to 99 Smithing, and Jagex would probably be happier with that. Improving progress at reduce heat also technically makes Masterwork Smithing slightly faster, so it seems like they're trying to do everything to help Masterwork Smithing without letting you make multiple pieces at a time.

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What a crock of shit. Yet again jagex take something that is working and fuck it up. Before update if you had 27 ore in inventory and clicked smith you made 27 items, now you have to click for each one. What a heap of shit

15-Jun-2019 15:59:52

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I'm a little late to the party buy why isn't there start x projects? Or hell even start 10 projects.

It's completely unnecessary to have to spam "open smithing interface" for every project.

26-Jun-2019 16:58:57

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