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Are any of the bosses in ed3 classified as dragons or undead? i noticed they drop superior dragon bones, but I really want to know this for sigil and perking reasons. I'd love to know if anyone has info regarding it.

04-Mar-2019 21:31:14

A Vitalis
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The second boss (Taraket the Necromancer) is classified as undead, and is affected by the Undead Slayer perk/sigil, Salve Amulet (e), etc. Neither of the other bosses seem to have any classifications. I imagine they drop reinforced dragon bones as that's simply easier than making an entirely new set of bones for them.
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Crassian Leviathan should be a (7-headed) hydra since one of the achievements associated with it is "Hail Hydra". A hydra is probably not a dragon.

Taraket should be an undead though, since his "examine" tells you so.

05-Mar-2019 00:36:41

Nex is Life
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No dragon I guesss they just drop bones because Dragonkin have some spares about? Or maybe because the Leviathan has really big bones. But its not a dragon and dragon-related effects do not work on it. You'll get it when you deserve it.

05-Mar-2019 01:04:00

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Jeremy Cheng said:
ambassador is undead yet doesn't count as undead. leviathan is a sea serpent and shouldn't count as any bonus damage effects. second boss was explained above thanks.

I'm pretty sure the lore says ambassador is dead but never lived, as opposed to undead, which lived, died, then came back

05-Mar-2019 13:08:32

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