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Fritzki said:
Now today im unable to get my legacy action bar at all, and people are telling me it was never intended?

The legacy combat mode was added into the game for those players who cannot be bothered to take the time to learn the EOC combat mode. It is meant to have special attacks, the old style user interface, etc, you know as close to what pre-EOC was. It isn't meant to have any action bars, since pre-EOC never had those.

Keep in mind, that Jagex isn't going to spend too much time with the legacy combat mode, as the majority of the playerbase use the EOC combat mode (that includes manual and revolution). This is different to the legacy interface mode, where players can use that while in EOC combat mode. Therefore, that change in the patch notes was for this situation, as these players still use abilities.

Fritzki said:
As kind of a direct comment... Id like to add that if your intentions are to remove Legacy from Runescape3, then my intentions will be to quit and play oldschool.

you have me scared now @jagex

Unless you buy Treasure Hunter keys or regularly buy cosmetics in Solomon's General Store, Jagex stands to lose very little for legacy combat players who switch over to OSRS, as membership is shared between both RS3 and OSRS.

Jagex would prefer if all players were using EOC combat mode, considering returning players are defaulted to the revolution combat mode in an effort to assist in the transition to using full manual combat mode. Revolution combat mode isn't even that hard to use anyway, so returning players still have the choice to stick with revolution, which is superior to the legacy combat mode.
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