Stop Depleting Rocks!

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Saint Benjy
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Saint Benjy

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Please stop depleting rocks around Gielinor! I know it's to make the "Rockertunities" closer together, but its not helpful!

(A) The remaining rocks are ugly.
(B) It's deceptive having dead rocks next to live ones because you click and nothing happens.
(C) It gets confusing as to who is saying what if all of the players are on top of each other.

I'd honestly rather have the rocks deplete as they used to than have so many permanently empty rocks…

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i takenobull

i takenobull

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Im with this guy and I wanted to make my own thread pertaining to this. When the rework came, we had a cave full of banite ore rocks to mine. Now youve cut it to three rocks and its just soo restrictive it is LAME. Its not any sort of adventure as you bill this game to be. Put the rocks back the way they were and who cares if people cant see the rocketunity three rocks away? They need to wake up or suffer, this way everyone is suffering and theres nothing we can do about it.

04-Mar-2019 14:47:10

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