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CM Neriphyra said:
Trevopada said:
I imagine there is a reason for these differences in pricing, just like in many other situations.

It would be appreciates though if Jagex could being transparent about it so we didn't need to talk about this every year. ;)
We will bring this up to the team again, and a big thanks to the community for sharing your feelings about this. :)

Tbh, has anything ever come up from the cmods "passing forward the player feedback" so to say? Because I don't recall ever seeing something happen as a result of a cmod delivering messages to the jmods like this, which seems to be the point of having cmods: to make it look like the players are being listened to, whilst actually not acting upon any of it from the jmods'/higher-ups' end. Well, besides throwing it to the trash bin because it's not to their liking.
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17-Nov-2018 18:38:11

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