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War tortoise said:
IMP Sparta said:
Hello hello fellow scapers! Here I go again this year!

So I want to make everyone aware that Membership prices are once again wrong!

I will make a conversion with correct numbers! So feel free to alter your currency payment as you desire to save yourself some money!

so so

price £GPB: 54.99£ = 62.82EUR = 70.72 USD
price $USD: 69,97£ = 79,93 EUR = 89,99 USD
Price €EUR: 70,03£ = 79,99 EUR = 90,06 USD
price BOND: 5 - 10 - 20

so so as you can see British Pound is so far the cheapest currency to pay in!!! (like €17 or 17$ cheaper!! for the gold package!)

are you forgetting vip is based off of normal average wages based off of where you live?

in some places its cheeper than than others, the price won't always be the same for every region.
that makes absolutely no sence. Since when do people in UK make less than people in EU/other countries?

12-Nov-2018 12:16:49

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