Hotfix caused server dc?

Quick find code: 15-16-926-66095201

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My mate who is a HCIM was killing raxx, who you released a hotfix causing the server to dc, without any warnings what so ever? As a fellow HCIM i can understand the frustration of dying but even more so when it is completely out of my hands, when its caused by the game that im playing on, without any sort of protection.

Please find attached video for proof.

13-Apr-2019 00:24:21

Thunder Jinx
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Hotfixes don't cause loss of connection. Your buddy has issues with the internet somewhere between the servers and his own computer.
If it was the server itself or the connection into the server farm that caused the loss of connection everyone would have been kicked off the server and everyone would have noticed it, not a single person.
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13-Apr-2019 12:15:54

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If the server disconnects, you are automatically booted out to the front of the Araxyte Hive with your familiar and items still intact. Since this did not happen, then it was a disconnection on your end and not because of the hotfix. Hard -> 3a Range Top (#357), 3a Full Helm (#439), Barrows Dye (#1755, #2546)
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Sometimes instanced mini games like big chin/cache starting up at a busy time of the day can cause lag spikes like in the vid. The old terh mining hour or warbands when many people try to hop on your world at same time also causes it where you can see the rest of the game running but you are frozen for a few seconds.

If you thinking about the new outfit and GOTE bugs well that was not a hotfix but the whole game got rebooted on Wednesday morning to fix it.

13-Apr-2019 16:52:33

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