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Maja h

Maja h

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So - The concept art for masterwork trimmed was really great, what we ACTUALLY got was rather underwhelming and looks exactly the same as the standard with the application of a gold permanent marker round the edges.

I'm expecting a future update where the spikes concept will be implemented?

Was there a reason why the 'spiked' concept wasn't used?

03-Mar-2019 23:42:26

James VIII
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James VIII

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I don't know.

However, I want to add that the Masterwork armor is my favorite looking armor in the entire game!! It is beautiful. I strongly dislike all the fantasy fake looking armor that the game mainly consists of. It was so refreshing to finally get something that looks a little more realistic.. Prior to this, I was using Steel Armour that I had keepsake keyed as a cosmetic override to hide some of the more hideous looking armors that I owned such as malevolent.

If they do change Trimmed Masterwork then please don't change the looks of normal Masterwork!!!

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Spiked armour was from a concept where you'd actually add armour spikes to armour, causing a visual change.

It was then going to be a cosmetic option, until it recently got scrapped so they could fix more prominent things.
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04-Mar-2019 02:41:36

Aria Ventus
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Aria Ventus

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I’d let it go now if I were you OP. If you were concerned, you’d have made this thread 6 weeks ago when everyone found out there’s no spiked cosmetic version of the trimmed masterwork set.
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04-Mar-2019 02:46:48

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what they said was the spikes were too fiddle to implement, lol k.

So if I'm hearing right, you have abandoned the release cos' hype has died down? even though you said you would fix it, disgusting.

Yep still can't see this company winning any awards this year either.
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04-Mar-2019 11:29:57

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